The social platform for students to
academically match, barter, and collaborate.

Bridging the gap between academics
and social media.




Connect and match with other students based on your academic skill set. Great at math but struggle in English? Search through a card stack of profiles that can compliment your credentials perfectly!




Congrats! You’ve found your Stu-mate. Swipe right and begin messaging. No need to wait for a swipe back, as Stunited intends to provide you with instant connections!




Share knowledge, provide assistance and exchange resources with students from around the globe!


Boy oooooo boy what a life changing app! I was struggling with finding someone to peer review an essay and I found a lovely gal named Sandra who helped me out in exchange for help studying for her math test! This app does a wonderful job pairing you with other people who want to see you succeed! I recommend this app 15/15!! Download download download!!


Stunited allows me easily and simply to connect with students seamlessly whenever I need help. If I need to find a tutor I this is my go to app, and really it’s a charming community that it’s garnered. If you want to connect with students from all around, Stunited is the app for that.


The app is borderline genius. As a student, I feel like we’re all looking for others to barter with. I’m good at statistics, so why wouldn’t I want to leverage that skill to get some help writing papers (which I hate doing). Can’t wait to see this blow up!


The concept of this app connecting and networking students to help each other benefit is so cool, new, and interesting. Looking forward to school starting so I can put it to good use!


Stunited is the first and only app that establishes a national community for students seeking to be matched with other students.

Simply install and start networking; connecting with other students based upon your academic strengths and needs.

Free to install and use, Stunited members enjoy being able to barter their services or goods in exchange for tutoring on any number of subjects. Stop the struggle now and avoid paying costly tutoring fees to strangers who don’t understand your needs. Get Stunited!



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